In today's fast changing world, official governmental institutions often lack initiative and means, which leads to associations, NGOs and other non-for profit organizations to voice the interests of a group of people, an idea or belief, a profession, a sector or even an entire industry, therefore playing a crucial role in the society dynamics.

At B4B Development Solutions, we fully understand the needs of these organizations. Performing a diagnosis-oriented analysis, its dedicated experts will define the specific needs of each of its client associations and follow a cost efficient and well-structured working approach. These organizations will therefore be able to fully focus on the execution of its strategic goals and delegate all the activities relating to financial administration, strategic communications, membership management, projects, event coordination and any other managerial activity to B4B Development Solutions at a total cost lower than having your own secretariat!


In addition B4B Development Solutions is a leader when it comes to the implementation, organisation and execution of high quality events. Together with its partner organisation Glocal Solutions, B4B Development Solutions has organised leading networking events on behalf of its client organisations and associations for over 15 years.

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